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Foot Petals

We have found the perfect sole-mates for women’s shoes! Definitely a match made in shoe heaven, Foot Petals offers a fabulous selection of fashionable and comfortable cushions to end the heel pain you feel every time you wear those high heeled stilettos, the angry red marks and blisters, and the stress the ball of your foot takes on with every step. Stop the suffering and move on! Foot Petals’ best sellers will love your feet unconditionally.



Hot Products


    Foot Petals best-selling Tip Toes shoe pads keep feet stable in even the highest of high heels, while cushioning the sensitive ball of foot area with every step.


  • AMAZING ARCHES amazing arches

    Amazing Arches shoe cushions provide arch support and help give women’s shoes the "perfect fit."


  • HEAVENLY HEELzheavenly heelz

    Heavenly Heelz multifunctional shoe cushions prevent blisters on your heels, and can also be used at the inside top of a shoe to ease friction.


  • PRESSURE POINTzpressure pointz

    Pressure Pointz multifunctional shoe cushions prevent blisters and add comfort any area in your shoes. Simple and effective, these mini miracles relieve painful shoe pressure.


  • killer kushionzkiller kushions

    Killer Kushionz ¾ shoe insoles offer comfort and cushioning from the ball of your foot to the bottom of your heels. Go ahead, see if those killer shoes can stop you now!


  • strapy strips strappy strips

    These virtually invisible thin strips add both comfort to your favorite strappy women’s shoes, and relief to your sensitive ankles and heels.


  • soles stopperzsole stopperz

    Sole Stopperz are petal-shaped, skid-resistant stick-ons for the bottom of your shoes, adding traction that allows you to strut safely and confidently.


  • haute heelz hauht heelz

    Haute Heelz soothing heel cushions help absorb shock to heels, legs and lower back. The fabulous slim fit design and scalloped edges blend in with the design of women’s shoes.


About us

In 2001, Foot Petals created a revolutionary niche in the footwear industry by developing the first in a collection of fashionable, solution-oriented premium products for women who have a love/hate relationship with their sexy shoes. Today, Foot Petals offers more than 20 varieties of solution oriented leg and footwear products for women. Foot Petals designer insoles cushions are made from the high performance urethane, Poron, which absorbs shocks; repels moisture, bacteria and odor; and is available in colors that blend with many styles of shoes. In addition to cushioning and comforting your feet, Foot Petals cushions help keep feet properly positioned, prevents calluses and protect bones and tissue. All Foot Petals cushions have the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Our PORON cushions are proudly manufactured in the USA States and found at fine retailers globally

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